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Repair of valve bodies


We are working with the most advanced test standarts S+VBT Fluidlogic and Hydra-Test for testing valve bodies. The tests simulate the operation of a valve body in the automatic transmission and thereby determine the exact source of the problems, like the level of wear and type of repair, that needs to be done.  By replacing the damaged elements and a computer calibration, the valve body is restored to the factory parameters.

We can test and repair valve bodies of: MERCEDES, BMW, AUDI, VW a.o.


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Types of valve bodies


Typically, there are two types of valve bodies. The first one is an electronic valve body, controlled by the electronic engine control unit (ECU). This type controls all gear shifts of an automatic transmission with the help of a computer. All newer cars use these electronically controlled transmissions (TCU), which have bands and clutches moved by hydraulics. An electric solenoid valve is used to control each hydraulic circuit. This allows the transmission to have more sophisticated control schemes than non-electronic controlled transmissions. The transmission control computers use sensors on the engine to detect throttle position, vehicle speed, engine speed, anti-lock braking system and engine load.

The second type of valve body is called hydraulic valve body, where all systems operate with hydraulic pressure and are controlled by each valve, which is connected to the switch handle. When you change the handle’s position, it will uncover and cover certain passages in the valve body to accommodate that position. So, if you were to change the gear handle, then fluid would be directed targeting a particular channel and the clutch being activated to switch to the selected gear.


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Basic function of the valve body


Every automatic transmission system has a valve body, which serves as the main control center. The valve body has numerous passages and channels within the valve body. It allows the flow of hydraulic fluid to different valves to direct the right clutch and switch the gear appropriately according to the driving situation. The most important part of the valve body is the manual valve. Connected to the gear stick handle, it instructs the right passage for hydraulic fluid to pass through. The valves that make up the valve body have a different purpose and their names reflect what they are doing. For example, the valve body has a valve 2-3, which is responsible for a second to third gear shift. If there is a downshift from the third gear to the second gear, then the valve 3-2 will be responsible for the shifting.


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