Mercedes 722.8 Valve Body

Mercedes 722.8 Valve Body

Valve Body 

Typical Problems

P0868 – The actual hydraulic pressure in the continuously variable transmission ( CVT) is too low

Possible Reason -  Crack in the upper part of the valve body





In the required places, we increase the strength of the product and as a result, it becomes even more resistant, than a factory-made product.

Service - Replacement:

We send you a refitted and reinforced unit in return for your broken unit. We only need the upper part of the valve body as shown in the picture.

After the repair/ replacement of the product, it is ready to be mounted in the same car without further coding.

Additional Information

Mercedes part number: R 169 377 15 01 ( 05 ), R 169 377 20 01 ( 06 ), R 169 377 21 01 ( 07 ), R 169 377 21 01 ( 08 ) ect.


Warranty 6 Months

Six months Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Warranty covers Shipping Costs

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