Mercedes Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) W168

Mercedes Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) W168

Air flow meter / Air Mass Meter


Typical Problems

  • increased fuel consumption

  • ignition problems

  • lack of power, poor acceleration

  • rich or lean air/fuel ratio


  • repair of defective module

Additional Information

Mercedes part number: A0295453732, A1661500479, A0295450132, A1661401600, A1661500379, A1661500279, A1661500879, A0235450232, A0255454132, A0285453832, A0265450532, A0275457432, A1661503379, A1661500179, A1661401800, A0235450332, A0265450732, A1661400400, A1661402200, A1661402100, A0265450532, A1661401100, A0255453032, A1661402600, A1661402300, A0285453832, A1661404600, A1661500179, A1661404200, A1661404100, A1661404000, A0295453632, A1661403900, A1661402000, A0295450132, A1661403000, A1661402900, A1661404700, A1661500979, A1661500879, A1661404500, A1661500479, A1661404400, A1661404300, A1661404800, A1661401200, A1661401500, A1661402700, A1661402500

VDO part number: 412250004006, 412250004005, 412250005010, 412250005009, 412250004004, 412250004003, 412250005008, 412250005007, 412250005006, 412250005004, 412250002005, 412250002006, 412250002004, 412250002003, 412250002002, 412250005001, 412250004002, 412250004001

Warranty 6 Months

Six Months Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Warranty covers Shipping Costs.

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